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Κομποσκοίνι Μαύρο Κερωμένο με Χάντρες


Αγιορείτικο κομποσκοίνι ψιλό μαύρο κερωμένο με χάντρες. Κάθε κομμάτι είναι μοναδικό και ξεχωριστό, με τις χάντρες και τα χρώματα να μπορούν να διαφέρουν ελαφρά από τη φωτογραφία.

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How did the rosary start?

According to tradition, in 320 AD Saint Pachomius, with the help of St. Anthony, founded the first monastery in Thebes in Egypt.

He then began to look for a way to help the monks concentrate on prayer. He made knots on a rope to use in his prayer.

The devil, however, untied the knots from the rope and thus thwarted his efforts.

Then the Archangel Gabriel visited Saint Pachomius in his sleep. There he showed him how to make a special knot, consisting of nine crosses that symbolize the nine orders of angels.

The devil could not untie these knots and so the rosary was established, since then, as a prayer aid. Every time you touch a knot you can say a wish like Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me.

The 33 knots symbolize the years of Jesus Christ, the 99 knots are the 33 multiplied by the number of the three Persons of the Holy Trinity, and each knot consists of 9 braided crosses, which symbolize the nine orders of angels.


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