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Wall and Hanging for home and priestly use in wonderful designs and at the best market prices.

The lighting of the candle symbolizes the light of Christ that illuminates every human being. It is a very small sacrifice of respect and honor to God, Our Lady and his Saints. It is placed in the iconostasis of our house and is lit every day. In our Church it is placed in front of the holy icons. The candle that is placed in front of the Crucified One, inside the Holy Step, is always kept lit and that is why it is called the "sleepless" Candle.

Why do we have to keep the candle lit in our iconostasis?
- to remind us of the need for prayer,
- to remind us that our lives should be as bright as the saints,
- for the love of God,
- to remind us that just as the candle requires our own hand to light, so the inner candle of our heart does not light without the hands of God,
- to remind us that our will must be burned and sacrificed.


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Ρόδι, Πέταλο, Καράβι, Τετράφυλλο τριφύλλι, Κλειδί, Δεκάρα, Ελιά, το Δέντρο της ζωής, Μάτι, Σπιτάκι θεωρούνται σύμβολα Καλοτυχίας, Ευτυχίας, Υγείας, Αγάπης και τα καθιστά ιδιαιτέρως δημοφιλή στην περίοδο των γιορτών, εγκαίνια, δουλειά, νέο σπίτι, καινούργιο αυτοκίνητο, δώρο σε νεογέννητο, βάπτιση, παππού, γιαγιά, νονά, νονό, δάσκαλο, δασκάλα.

Everyone wants a charm! An object of special importance that will always have its place in our hearts.

A symbol of luck, strength, fertility, fortune, prosperity, altruism, charity and protection!

Η παράδοση για τα γούρια έρχεται από την αρχαιότητα για να διώξει μακριά το κακό και να φέρει ευτυχία. Τα γούρια των Χριστουγέννων και της Πρωτοχρονιάς για το 2024 ήδη βρίσκονται στο Aggelography.gr

Byzantine Icons

Unique handmade Hagiographies designed with passion in our workshop.
Choose the dimension that suits your space and place them on a wall or table.

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The online store Aggelography is a development and continuation of the successful family business "Church Items - Angelos Hagiography Workshop". Our laboratory was founded in 2005 in Volos and operates under the name"Aggelos".

In our collection you will find amazing handmade Byzantine hagiographies with traditional technique, egg tempera as well as gold leaves in the background on specially treated wood for maintenance and durability.

Our store has a wide variety of Byzantine Orthodox Icons, silkscreen, lithographs, silver icons, classic, old, modern, square, oval and various other shapes. Also in our store you can find candles, incense burners, crosses, handmade Mount Athos lozenges, pure beeswax, tamata and various other church products.

Aggelography with responsibility and reliability, guarantees the high aesthetics and quality of all products. Choose the right gift from our rich collection at the lowest market prices.

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