Payment methods

Aggelography gr for your best service, has the following payment methods:

  1. Cash on delivery
    • Pay with cash on delivery.
    • Cash on delivery is valid only for deliveries in the Greek Territory.
  1. By deposit in the following bank accounts
    • Make your payment directly to our bank account. Please use your order ID as proof of payment. Your order will not be shipped until the amount is cleared in our account.
    • In the reason for deposit to put the same surname with which you placed your order. Also deposit the entire amount of the order.

The details of our bank

National Bank of Greece

Beneficiary: Katsanakis Angelos Georgiou
IBAN: GR2001102670000026740086009

Alpha Bank

Beneficiary: Katsanakis Angelos Georgiou
IBAN: GR9101403170317002002004921

  1. By debiting your credit, debit or prepaid card
  • By choosing this payment method you are transferred to a secure environment of Alpha Bank.
  1. Using PayPal
  • By selecting this payment method you are transferred to the online environment of the PayPaI service
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